New and Refurbish Computers

Twin Technologies understands the business challenges they engage in. We develop our suite of business solution from the understanding of challenges encountered. Our rules of engagement are unique in that we collaborate with our clients instead of being just a supplier to the end user...

  • Mac Pro Apple Iphone


    Mac Pro Apple Iphone

    Boost your productivity with ___ Apple Mac Pro desktop __ - the fastest Mac _____ has ever made. Combining ___ of Intel's new 64-bit, 45-_________ Quad-Core Xeon 5400 processors _______ at 2.8 GHz, the ___ Pro is an unbelievably ________ workstation that...

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  • Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset


    Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset

    Enjoy wireless convenience and _______-_____ audio when talking on ____ iPhone. The iPhone Bluetooth _______ features a single button ____ lets you make and _______ phone calls simply and ___________. And the innovative design __ sure to turn a ___ heads...

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  • Speck PixelSkin Case for iPhone 3G


    Speck PixelSkin Case for ______ 3G

    Fun color and soft, _____ textures make the Speck _________ case the ideal way __ protect your iPhone 3G. ____ durable, rubberized case helps ___ keep your grip on ____ iPhone and fully protects _______ bumps and scrapes without ______ bulk. Plus,...

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  • Incase Sports Armband for iPod Nano


    Incase Sports Armband for ____ Nano

    Constructed out of lightweight, ________ neoprene and reflective materials, ___ adjustable Incase Sports Armband __ the functional and secure ___ to carry your iPod ____ during your run or _______. The heavy-duty velcro adjustment ________ for a...

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  • Apple iPod Socks


    Apple iPod Socks

    So add a dash __ color to your iPod ____ iPod Socks, the year's _______ and most vibrant iPod _________.__ doesn't matter which iPod _____ you have because iPod _____ fit all of them. ___ it doesn't matter what ____ mood is because each ____ Socks...

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  • Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic


    Apple In-Ear Headphones with ______ and Mic

    Hear every detail of ____ music every time you ____ in with the Apple __-___ Headphones with Remote and ___. They offer pro audio ___________ and impressive sound isolation, ___ convenient buttons let you ______ the volume and control _____ and video...

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  • Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere Speakers


    Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere Speakers

    The Pure-Fi Anywhere speaker ______ uses a unique combination __ speaker drivers to deliver _____ sound with maximum bass ___ minimal distortion. Its compact ____ and long battery life ____ it the ideal companion __ your iPod or iPhone...

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  • booq Mamba Saddle


    booq Mamba Saddle

    With its boldly-colored interior ___ elegant exterior, its zippered _________ pouch for small items, ___ its impeccable finish and __________ pocket layout, the Mamba ______ is the ideal bag ___ your life and your ____ at work.The Mamba Saddle ____...

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  • Speck 13-inch SeeThru Satin Case


    Speck 13-inch SeeThru Satin ____

    Give your aluminum MacBook _ smooth yet easily gripped ____-___________ frosted finish that effortlessly _____ in and out of ____ bag. The SeeThru Satin ____ also ensures access to ___ your important plugs and ______ while protecting your precious...

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