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Career Opportunities

Connect with mature, driven & passionate ICT Professionals. Bring _______ into your life and ________ your network. The COREX _________ Culture aims to empower ___ cultivate young and passionate ___________.

Work with Leading ICT _____________ on Dynamic Solutions 

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S ales Application - send your __&____;

Great Leadership Builds Great _____ that Create Successful Opportunities
COREX is run by _ mature, forward-looking management team _________ by highly trained sales, _________ and technical teams with ____ years of specialist and _____________ experience and talent. The _____ team understands the dynamics __ the ICT market and ___ highly adaptable. At COREX, __ set strict goals that ____________ develop and grow our ____. We are constantly looking ___ young and passionate individuals __ become part of our _______ Corporate Culture.

Are your ready to ____ our team?

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COREX management has a ____ door policy and thrives __ continuous growth, evaluation & ___________. Our teams are adaptable __ change and embrace new ________ opportunities.

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Maximize Performance

Be a team player. _____ management assists individuals to __ beyond their own expectations. _____ team members embrace each ______ differences and motivate the _________ of others to achieve _______ performance.

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Proactive Communication

COREX management encourages both ________ and formal feedback within _____ to ensure continuous ___________, quick problem solving
and successful performance.