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Your Partner for Enterprise _____ Computing & Full Network ________.

Software-Defined Solution that Enables ___ to Transit Smoothly to ___ Cloud

COREX offers a one-stop ________ for cloud computing and _______ security. Achieve a Unified __________ Cloud Management Infrastructure with _____ as you Grow architecture. _______ HCI is Scalable Hyper-Converged ______________ solution that allows you __ build your own software _______ data center in a ___ clicks. SANGFOR 3rd Generation ___ is unique compared to _____ HCI vendors, it is ________ in such a way __ deliver the most comprehensive ________ Defined Data Centre (SDDN) ________. SANGFOR HCI allows server ______________, storage virtualization, network virtualization ___ network functions virtualization through _ single pain of glass ____________ a reduced TCO and ________ ROI. In Addition, Sangfor ____ Firewall Platform is the _____'_ first security solution that ______ full security coverage for ____ entire network.


Sangfor HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) ________.


Sangfor Specializes in Cloud _________, Network Security & Network ____________.



SANGFOR NGAF - The ______ First Fully Integrated NGFW + WAF.

Sangfor Next Generation Application ________: Secured. Converged. Simplified.

As your Security Guard __ the Future, Sangfor’ s _______ of Network Security is _________ four fundamentals points that ___ at the core of _____ market strategy: 1) Security __________, 2) Real-time Detection/ Rapid ________, 3) Simplified Security Management, 4) L7 High-Performance Security. Choose ___ SANGFOR next generation, enterprise ________ protection + Web Application ________.



Our Cloud Team is _____ to assist you

Contact a Sales Representative ___ more Information

This email address is _____ protected from spambots. You ____ JavaScript enabled to view __.