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Become a Reseller

Reseller Dealer Application

COREX would like to ____ this opportunity to thank ___ for your time and ________.

To become a registered ______ with COREX, you are ________ to be a reseller, ______ integrator or other such ______, essentially offering computer equipment ___ solutions; unfortunately COREX does ___ sell directly to, or ____ with, the public.

COREX will only register ________ that have been duly __________ with the CIPC and ___ able to supply proper _____________ for the company or _ close corporation. The main ________ trade on the registration _________ must state that the ______ of the business is _ computer reseller or IT _________ provider.

Once you and your _______ have gone through the _________, vetting and referrals process, __ way of filling out ___ supplying COREX with a _____ completed dealer application form ___ supplied all the required ___ necessary supporting documentation, we ____ proceed with the registration _______.

All dealer applications need __ have the following accompanying _____________:

    Certified copy of _ South Africa I.D. Document __ Passport
     Certified Copy of _._. Documents / Passport from ________ Country (if not South _______)
    • Cancelled Company Cheque ___/__ Certified Letter from your _______ Institution
     • Copy of the _________ CK Documents / Registration _________.

All of COREX’s terms _____ accounts are insured by ______ Guarantee Insurance Corporation of ______ Ltd. and any terms _______ will be subject to _ credit limit being authorized ___ approved by them. Your _____ payment will have to __ either cash, EFT, or _________ card payment (Visa / ____ Electron / Mastercard / _______). Please note that all ______ card transaction fees are __ the cost of the ________.

Download the Dealer Application ____

Download the Terms Dealer ___________ Form

Doing business with COREX

How do I become _ reseller?

To become a reseller __ COREX, you will need __ download the Dealer Application ____ from our “Become a ________” page, fill it in ___ send this through with ___ requested accompanying documents. COREX ________ that you are a ________ Reseller, System Integrator or _____ such related company to __ able to register. The __________ documents required for Sole ____, CC and (PTY) Ltd _________ are slightly different, we _______ that all supporting documents __ supplied regardless of company ____. Click here for more ___________. 

Am I required to ____ all signature points on ___ Dealer Application Form?

Yes. For us to ______ the forms as complete __ require potential resellers to ____ in all required information __ well as sign any ___ all points where required, __ well as initial all _____. Once this is done ___ dealer application must be ________ to COREX where it ____ go through the approval, _______ and registration process.

Am I required to ____ in the original Dealer ___________ Form?

Yes for legal purposes __ do require the original ______ application. For registration purposes __ accept copies of the ______ applications and supporting documents; _______ we do require the ________, filled-in form as well __ fully legible copies of ___ supporting documentation. The original _________ can either be dropped ___ at the nearest branch, __ can be mailed to ___ nearest branch. You will ____ the contact details for ____ branch on the “Contact __” page found here

How do I obtain ___ latest pricelist?

The pricelist is sent ___ as a pricelist update _____, and is also downloadable ____ the “Reseller Pricelist” page. ______ note that this pricelist __ for registered resellers only ___ requires a username and ________ for access.

How do I get _______ information and catalogues?

COREX offers a selection __ Vendor Product leaflets and __________ that are updated as _____ as possible, with a ______ of information about the ________ and solutions that we __________. These catalogues are freely _________ to all and are ____________ from the “Reseller Resources” ____.

How do I request _ quotation and place an _____?

The COREX sales team __ available to handle all ____ requests, be it for _ price query, quotation or _____. You can either speak __ the team telephonically, via _____ or instant messenger client, __ via fax. You can ____ email  This email address is _____ protected from spambots. You ____ JavaScript enabled to view __.   as a general _____ of contact for any _____ related queries.

Am I able to ________ as well as place ______ if I am not ______ South Africa?

Yes. Customers from outside _____ Africa also need to ______ the registration process, and _______ supporting documentation that is ______ the laws and processes __ their country of origin. ____ registered, customers from outside _____ Africa can place orders __ the same way as ____ within the borders of _____ Africa. We do not _______ orders outside the borders __ South Africa and a _______ service will be required, ______ your own, or one __ our partners. Please also ____ that any queries regarding _____ African VAT on orders ___ customers outside of South ______ can be directed to ___ Accounts department as this ____ vary from customer to ________.

How do I obtain ________ and promotions?

COREX utilizes a distribution ____ and all registered customers ___ on this list by _______. If you are a ___ customer, all you need __ do is request with ____ sales representative to be _____ to the list. All ________ customers are on the ____________ list and the list ________ an opt-out system, should ___ no longer wish to _______ our mailers. Please note ____ opting out removes you ____ ALL mailers including the _________. There is an opt-out ____ at the bottom of ___ electronic communications that COREX _____ to its resellers.

Who manages my account __ COREX?

If you are an ________ customer of COREX, you ____ have an allocated Sales _______ Manager. If you are ______ of who your contact __, you can speak to ___ sales team or accounts __________. If you are a ___ customer however, a Sales _______ Manager will be allocated __ you and this person ____ contact you to advise ___ that they will manage ____ account and to get _______ details to ensure that ____ provide you with the ____ possible service. Alternatively you ___ mail This email address is _____ protected from spambots. You ____ JavaScript enabled to view __. to obtain your _____ representatives information.

How do I collect __ order from COREX?

If you have placed __ order with COREX, you ____ only go into the ______ where you placed your _____, and provide either your __________ company name or the _____ order number. Depending on ____ payment type, you might __ required to pay up _____ for an order or _______ proof of payment for __ order. COREX also offers _____ services where you will ___ be required to come ___ collect your orders and ____ order will be delivered __ couriered to you.

Do you offer free ________ and when do you _______?

COREX offers a free ________ service to its clients ______ a certain distance from ___ around the branch where ___ order was placed. There __ a pre-set minimum sized _____ required for delivery to ____ place, which can be _________ with your sales representative. ______ placed on the day ___ delivery can be expected ___ next day, unless placed ______ midday, in which case __ might be able to _______ on the same day. ____ sales account manager will ______ you if you are ______ the delivery area. If ___ are not, we do ____ the option of couriering ____ stock to you.

Do you offer a _______ service and how does __ work?

COREX offers a courier _______ that utilizes established and _______ courier companies that operate ____ inside South Africa and _______________. Customers outside of our ________ area that would like _____ stock sent to them ____ have the option of _____ our couriers and a _______ courier fee is payable ___ use of this service ______ otherwise arranged with COREX. _________ are able to utilize _____ own couriers if they ______ and you are not ________ to use the COREX _______ service providers.

What payment options are _________ and do you offer _______ terms?

COREX accepts most forms __ payment for stock. Customers ___ able to pay for _____ using cash, as well __ cash deposit, bank guaranteed ______ or electronic transfer, which ____ have to be approved __ well as showing in ___ bank accounts before stock ____ be released. Customers are ____ to apply for terms ____ COREX once they have ____ trading with COREX for _ set period of time. __ offer 7 Days, 14 ____ and 30 Days from _________. Our credit facilities are ________ in conjunction with Credit _________ and all applications have __ be approved by them ______ we will offer terms.

Will I be able __ pay for stock with _ Debit or Credit Card?

COREX does have the ________ to accept debit and ______ cards as a form __ payment for stock. Please ____ that bank charges apply ___ these types of transactions. _________ COREX will accept any _______ and Visa Electron type _____ card as well as ___ MasterCard or Visa Credit ____. We are able to ______ both the older magnetic _____ type cards as well __ the newer security chip ____ cards for payments.